Renew Support

Step 1

Renew purchased item support. You have to login to Envato with your account then go to Downloads menu screen.

Select item from the downloads screen. And you will see a Renew support button on the right sidebar of the item page.

After click on the button and pay for 6 months renew support you have to update data on our support forum.

Step 2

Login to our support forum then go to your profile page (by clicking on your profile name in the right sidebar)

Step 3

On your profile page hit Edit link

Step 4

On the Edit page scroll down to the session “Envato User Information” and click

  • Refresh Data if your purchase a new support
  • Add new item if you purchase a new item

You can also update to live site details with wp-admin account for faster help.

Step 5

Find your theme name in the right sidebar – enter it and all the way down you can post a support request.

Thank you

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