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    Support Expired

    Hi there,

    I have hidden the blog titles and breadcrumbs from the header background. I don’t want them showing over the background image.

    When I looked at our blogs I’m finding that I don’t know when a title will show or not at the top of the content.

    Example A:
    See image bloga.png

    The ‘Spring clean your team’ challenge!

    This blog post seems to have the title of the blog hosting at the top of the content automatically. This is what we want.

    Example B:
    See image blogb.png

    Exciting announcement…..our new website is up!

    This blog is one I just added and there is no title showing automatically above the content. Can it show up automatically?

    I know that I can control this through adding a custom heading but I would prefer it to do that automatically like it does in the first example.

    Example C:
    See image blogc.png

    Why Team Training and Development Doesn’t Work!

    This is a blog post with an image and it doesn’t show the title either. I’m not sure why one blog post would show a title automatically and the others do not.

    Please help.


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    Hi, switch this option to Yes:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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