Broken Layout Categories

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    Aron Verhoeven

    Support Expired

    Hi Support,

    I’ve added an Categories Grid on my homepage. However, on an wide screen it is not working properply.

    On small screen it works great like this:
    On my wider screen, it looks like this:

    Any fix on this? I can’t see any CSS to solve.. Just an beginner in coding.

    PS. it is the same on your demo website:

    Thanks. Kind Regards,
    Aron Verhoeven




    H Aron,
    It looks strange, because my case shows opposite result with the short by column on small screen only. They can be changed in the Page Elementor, “Categories Layout” (attached picture).
    BTW, the featured image of all categories should be the same size in order to show all categories at the same level (check your Rommel en… cat).
    Hope it helps!

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    Aron Verhoeven

    Support Expired

    Hi at4to,

    Thanks for your reply. Weird.. It looks like it depends on something.. A few moments ago it was no problem for me as well..

    Thanks for your PS! Currently just filled with some images. Need to change that! Thanks!

    Aron Verhoeven



    Hello, you have to correct settings for CityBook Tweeter Feed widget or remove the widget.


    Aron Verhoeven

    Support Expired

    Thanks! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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