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    Support Expired

    Greetings from Bogotá – Colombia

    I bought the Vizerk joomla template , this comes with the component azura page builder , is costing me a little work to understand its operation.

    Well, what I want to do is something that looks like alo two seconds in this video ( – Ey4 ) 14 minute , 26 second in the section in clients List, I can see that this is a SLIDER CAROUSEL but do not know how.

    What I want is to put a list of (logos ) of my clients and this moves to slip sideways and that the smartphone version collapses down. ( Three columns with three rows each) because I have nine (9 ) clients.

    Thank me explain in detail , step by step, as I do to achieve this.

    A thousand thanks for your help Mrs.



    Could you please send us your admin + ftp account, plus screenshots about your problem? We will check it.




    Support Expired

    I’m working on my local server ( I had already mentioned)

    I do not see much of a problem is that you send me a step by step or link of an instructional video .

    When you buy from them the vizerk plantillla for joomla, what I did because they offered support units , but I see that apparently is false advertising.

    Now I have to wait again ( 12) twelve more hours , for your response and if lucky I have a solution.



    Support Expired

    I wonder why is it that you are so careless and mediocre and never give the support that promise in writing before one buy the plnatilla , can either one comprasela another designer of the thousands that exist and them if they are serious and responsible customers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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