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    Support Expired

    Hello CHthemes

    First, make a special mention of gratitude I feel for you, for your support and collaboration.

    That said I want to point out a problem which I have not been able to find solution nor in forums or video tutoriales-

    It is the color that the text of the links inserted through the component ” Unite Revolution Slider 2″ are , for the text is an annoying orange to indicate that it is a hyperlink , which I do not want , because my intention is to let the color I want. I inenté editing new and different styles, but there is always this nasty orange in texts with labels “href … ”

    Could please be so kind and tell me how I should do, so that the color of the texts to put you a hyperlink remain the color I want and not that annoying orange .

    A thousand thanks gentlemen .

    Happy day and a warm greeting from Bogota – Colombia

    Luis Miguel Roseo Cardona
    Communicator degree from the Pontificia University Xaverian.



    Support Expired

    No longer needed his masters response CHthemes

    I I autorespondo

    What to do: go to …

    1) Joomla Root Folder
    2) -vizerk- Templates ( or who are using )
    3) Folder rs- plugin
    4) Folder Css
    5 ) File settings.css
    6) Find a style – caption.noshadow-
    7) desplazarce up .tp -caption a {color : #ffffff ; text-shadow : none; …}; //// (Change this color code EXAMPLE ” #ffffff to # 000000″ ), that for the inactive state .
    8) For the active state or hover go **** .tp -caption a: hover { color: # bf0411 ; } //// (change this color code Example “# bf0411 to # 999999 ” )
    9) Save close and apply changes to the .css file

    Pdta : In my case the File does caption.noshadow .tp – line appeared to me in 1111, looking for yours with your right / click inspect element .

    If anyone can contribute more to this issue on this response would be very good for the community , as the lords of chthemes are a negligent not provide the necessary support to those we invest money cmprando your templates , and know that there are many developers and designers Joomla templates and WordPress that if they do their job well and give quick and timely responses when they are needed .

    I think this is my first and latter one template in CHthmes buy , keep spending my money elsewhere.

    Hopefully for my following doubts if I respond , then I bought the template , I did not steal it or use it illegally down ( well I could do com )

    Mediocre , do their job well and give the support that users need and ask them amble way .



    Hi, we sorry about the delay in helping you. If you have any problem please let us know. We promise give you dedicated support.

    Thank you.



    Support Expired

    ok , I’ll open a new topic with a new question, please appreciate them and I hope that on this occasion if I respond , the issue is of menus and sub ​​menus.

    Please do not bother to answer this post, please answer me the new theme , thank you very much.



    Support Expired

    Cordial greetings gentlemen .

    -Vizerk- Joomla Template 3.3.6

    Please I would like you please indicate me as I do to create a new item in SUB MENU , eg , that ” about us ” is the father menu ” mission, vision and policy ” are -menus sons of “about us ” , you scroll down and display , when sliding the mouse over ” About Us ”


    about us



    Support Expired

    I wonder why is it that you are so careless and mediocre and never give the support that promise in writing before one buy the plnatilla , can either one comprasela another designer of the thousands that exist and them if they are serious and responsible customers

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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