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    Support Expired

    Hey I have a few request for the Map listing page

    1. Making the listing as list format smaller and show less of the map (See picture)
    So its 60 – 65% Listings and 35 – 40 % Map

    And making the listings smaller, so there are more room for them.

    2. Wasting space at the top, is it possible to change that, or ask for it in an upcoming update?
    I would look better if the filter and searches would fill more on the top.. (See picture)

    Hope to hear from you!

    Sincerely Andcla

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    1 – use this custom style in Customizer -> Additional CSS field

    .map-container.column-map {
       width: 40%;
    .col-list-wrap {
       width: 60%;

    2 – and this custom style for hide address field

    .list-search-page-form > .listsearch-input-item {
       display: none;


    Support Expired

    hi sir. how did u add that filter buttons there ?



    Would you give me more info ?

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