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    I want to disable loading of ajax on my listing page.
    When I look for the normal form it appears OK. But when I search through the ajax form it appears wrong. It does not load the display according to the plans I have on the site.
    Attached I have the two pictures
    (1) search through the bar in the header (with search button)
    (2) search through the sidebar that loads via ajax.

    I already changed the tmpls.php that shows the searches via ajax, but until then without success, it is attached as well.

    Thank you!

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    Hi, would you give me more info about this?




    Of course!

    The site has a main page that has the option to search the banner. To perform the search, the search form is via search button. When loading the page, it loads the results list and in the sidebar, in my case, the search filters appear. If I want to re-search the same page, when entering the data, the search is performed automatically, via the asynchronous Ajax request.
    My problem is that I changed the display format according to the plan the user has, ie if he has the basic plan, little information will be displayed in the listing. The fact is that I changed the file that modifies the display format and also made this change in the file that is used for Ajax search. The logic used is the same. I’ve created a variable that verifies the user who registered the company and the plan of that user. With this I have which format will be displayed.
    But rules created via Ajax did not work. So to make the job easier I want the same search that is in the banner on the homepage to be placed in the sidebar of the listing page, that is, without the ajax search return, since the code is already working correctly for that page.
    Thank you!

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