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    Support Expired

    Greetings gentlemen

    Long ago you and you did not write me either
    Well this time I write because I want to ask the past favors and cooperation from your panel.

    Template: Vizerk , Joomla 3.6.6

    Mention that the site had before, under the rule was deleted and created again, this time with fewer errors without deleting anything, nor menus English and French , I must mention that my website is in Spanish , but I have not dared to installing a new language to avoid further mistakes and I prefer to leave it to you.

    So good on this side I want to ask you to please help me INSTALL E ” SPANISH ” LANGUAGE , but — without affecting the prefect running my website —.
    I do this in the hope that it will remove and prefix { /en } , which is superimposed on the url in my domain , which reads as follows:

    He has appeared an error had earlier also been and really do not know why { attached image, however you can check on the live site } I request all the kindness you please help me eradicate this problem load component.

    Error loading component: Component not found

    This does not always occurs at different times apparently without following any pattern , but does so randomly.
    I noticed that when income goes more than once or when I’m in one of my registration forms ( made ​​with payment BreezingForms component ) and jump to a menu item (whichever) . Also when I have entered, I close the tab navigation and entry back to the domain.

    I could not make the error page ( 404 and others ) , both for the site to the blog section appreciate them much were you who help me create the pages (and you’re right to be with text or images, they can be seen on smart phones , tablets and other ) and since then the I customize with text or image what you want.

    I could work for the menu my page appears in search engines, when I enter the name of my company and this Please type this (without the quotes “”) in the search box google and see what I mean “studio f ”

    Or at least I could tell as I should .
    That’s it, in advance I thank her borrowed collaboration , your help and profesonalismo with their customers.



    Please check your email.

    Thank you.



    Support Expired

    Gentlemen do not know if you do it intentionally or not really understand what you ask them and ask them what support .

    The seo settings are one thing, something I’ve already defined , what I want is , first remove the prefix overlaps in my url , as this is being read as

    On the other hand putting on the Vizerk joomla template for the Spanish language, but without affecting the perfect working demo of m site and if possible , eliminate the French language.

    Third, delete , erase , fix , eradicate an erros that appears and says : Error loading component ; Component not found , it is not because this template throws that error

    Fourth , I want to create 404 pages for both ” azura ” to “k2 ” because in this template do not know how nor is there sufficient documentation

    and fifth and final les am requesting your help to make my menu page appears in search engines, when I enter the name of my company and this Please type this (without the quotes “”) in the search box google and look what I mean —- “studio f ” —–



    Hi friend,
    1, please check your demo site address “/en/” was removed from. Just disable Language Filter plugin.
    3, the error was fixed from your demo site.
    4, you just need create new page using azura, k2 or content component and creat new menu from Main Menu for it. Then go to template manager -> select the new menu in 404 error page field (at the bottom) then save. It will redirect to that menu (404 error page you have created) when have any 404 or 500 errors.
    5, Please enter seo description and keywords for that menus. Please note that this just take effect for component link not internal page menus (started with #).

    Hope you understand.



    Support Expired

    Hello friends, thank you very much for your valuable help , having a beautiful week



    Thank you πŸ™‚

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