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    Hi there,


    1. What setting do I need to change in the Theme options to set my default header image to something other than what came with the theme?
    This one has the theme default when I created the new page. I would like to set a different default image.

    2. I looked at your documentation to figure out how to create a 3 column footer and I couldn’t figure it out. I have 3 columns now but I have no idea how to make them space evenly. There is clearly a space to the right where another column was and I would like only 3 columns to take up the footer space.

    Why does the top bar with social media/email/phone show up on the inner pages but not on the home page.




    1, use header background image option on the page editing screen:

    2, it base on 12 columns grid so 4 columns equal 1/3

    3, would you send me a screenshot?



    Support Expired

    Sorry – I had to add in the busines banner because we’re going live today.

    For number 1 – if I create a new page the generic banner is the one that comes with the theme. See attached image – file name: genericImage.jpg

    I would like to replace this generic banner image with one of my choice so that if my client creates a new page but doesn’t have a banner image, then the generic one will at least be an image that we chose and not one that came with the theme.

    I have attached the banner image that I would like to be the generic image. File name: innerPage_generic.jpg

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    it’s \wp-content/themes/inspired/bg/page-header.jpg image file. You can replace with yours.

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