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    Support Expired

    1: the add listing feature is not working, when you press submit nothing happens just shows loading and thats it.

    2: ELEMENTOR also still isn’t working to edit the pages.

    3: are we able to hire you to build (private) added features to our theme? not for other users?


    5: The light blue, you can barely see it, or the text in it. also is the same for the price plans: Example:

    6: add feature that allows you to send a preview notification email to your self when your done editing it on the (Citybook-add-ons) Settings (email).

    7: reacurring payments, and payment page on dashboard.

    8: site auto translator.

    9: (messages) we would like users to be able to send and reply messages directly on the site through the message page on dashboard, also would like it to be a feature added as a price plan package.

    10: ADD feature were the site admin can verify users, which will show a verified icon on their pictures and listings.

    11: allow (icons) to be placed next to the links on (header menu).

    12:add a user notification (bell) icon on header, next to profile image, with notification count, after user logs in.

    only show user image on top bar with drop down menu to their options. (attached image)

    13: claim listing, on non-claimed listings

    14: report listing icon on listing pages.

    15: allow users to edit user image on (edit profile) PAGE.

    16: Show Price Range on listing pages.

    17: Option to Prevent users from adding contact information via (messages) like airbnb has.

    18: Custom Background color for the Loader Icon.


    Alma Viki



    Please wait version 1.0.6, that will be released today.
    Then check and feedback about this issues once again.

    THanks for your sympathy.



    Support Expired

    Good. morning! πŸ™‚

    I like the new updates, as far as I can see.

    I saw you had a notification bar on top of the dashboard before, is there a way to send push notifications to all users? if ever needed.

    also please take a look at the feature request I have sent above.

    I noticed that when you click the little marker on the map it still does not show a preview window.

    payment seems to. be working now.

    please also let me know about question #3, thanks!!

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    Support Expired

    1.1: I still don’t see the (Price range) widget on the single pages when turned on.

    1.2: the little (save) button on the single pages still has no function.

    1.3: single pages still don’t show a review ratting sellection.




    1 – you have to edit your category first, which controls its listing widget order
    2 – It will be added soon
    3 – There is an option on Settings -> CityBook Add-Ons -> Single tab to toggle listing rating.




    Support Expired

    1: what exactly am I supposed to do there to add it?


    3: yes and it is activated but does not show up on the single pages?.


    Alma Viki


    1. You can check the screenshot below.
    3. I have checked it:

    Thank you

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