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    Support Expired


    The Template looks great, simple and easy to modify on of the best Joomla Themes in my opinion.

    I have one strange problem with the template and after four days searching for solution in finally i need your help.

    My problem is a blank page on start or in home. The website is working fine but in some cases in home i have a blank (white page), i need to reload once to see the website again.

    That happens also if you click on google resaults or on any link to the website , with or without www ot http.

    This is what i have try to fix the problem

    1. Change the PHP version (now is 5.5)
    2. Remove any third component or extensions
    3. Activate and deactivate the cash
    4. Try it on local and public server
    5. redirect to http// only
    6. i have lost 4 days of my life to make changes or tests to find solution.

    And i’m still have the same problem in all browsers, same on mobile also.

    Is anyone to help me with this ?

    Thank you

    I found also one bug (better to check it) if you try to change the JCE Editor to an older version you cant open the templates to edit !!



    Support Expired

    I have notice one error on error.log

    ……/modules/mod_cthtwitter/lib/tmhOAuth.php on line 14

    One question about this

    I have use the twitter module twice, in about section and contact section, that is ok or not ?



    Support Expired

    This is the answer !!!!

    You can use it once !!

    I remove the second module and i think everything is working fine !!



    Sorry for delay and thanks so much 🙂
    if you have any problem please contact us.
    Best Regards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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