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    Support Expired

    I use Diopter with onepage configuration.

    I saw that with “HOME SLIDESHOW” component (many image with on text over all image) the web site resize properly, instead the component “HOME SLIDE ITEM” (many image each with its own text) don’t resize when change the dimension of the windows of browser.
    You can try to resize this page and observe the logo and text in the centre of windows:

    Full Version – Slider Fade

    I want to add some space between logo and “welcome” text, but I did not succeed by editor.
    In the end I changed the image by insert a transparent space under che logo, in the png file.

    I wanted hide the two line around the word “WELCOME” in mobile version, but I did non succeed.
    If it’s a problem to hide only in mobile version, it’s possible to delete it?
    I also want to hide the line between the title h2 and h3.

    You can see circled in red, in attached.

    Thank you

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    1, Ok, I will fix it in the next update

    2, You have to use custom class on the image or welcome title then add styles (padding or margin attributes) to the custom class.

    3, Add this style to Diopter Options -> Custom Code tab -> CSS Code – Mobile View (for mobile ) or Large Desktop View (for all)

    .section-entry h2:before,
    .section-entry h2:after,
    .section-entry h3:before {


    Support Expired

    Thank you!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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