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    How do I set for either (Home YouTube Video and/or Home Vimeo Video) elements to pause and/or stop the video when one scrolls down and avoid the audio from being played all the time even when one is down on the page and does not have the video on the screen. Now when scrolling up, it should play again, if possible.

    1. My video has audio which is the problem in this case.
    2. I have used Vimeo for this case as I didn’t find a way with the YouTube element to at least stop the video from looping. I dont have a problem switching and/or using the YouTube element instead.

    Please advise,

    Site: http://new.apra.com.co/

    Many thanks for your prompt answer.





    Can anyone at support KINDLY review my topic and share some thoughts as the other threads in the pipe?

    Many thanks


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    Alma Viki


    Hi Ivan,

    We are sorry for the delay reply.
    And your questions: because the video is set full screen => It can’t show any control panel anymore.
    Now we don’t have solution for it.

    Thanks for your sympathy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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