Icon boxes with different height and colors

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    Hi there,

    I am trying to have the icon boxes within the same row to have the same height (basically all of them should have the height of the biggest icon box).
    Here is an example:


    You will notice that the icon box for “Instant Results” is shorter than the others. I tried to manually add spaces and/or character returns, but it does not work. I also tried the Full Height and Equal Height options in the Row settings but nothing happens.

    The second item is related to the colors. As you can see on the link above, there is a gradient from left to right. I need to replicate this effect on this other page: https://www.informativeresearch.com/components/creditrescore/
    Where do I find this setting?

    Thank you in advance.



    Alma Viki


    Ah.. You can’t adjust it.
    Because this is the icon style, we can’t fix it.

    We are so sorry about this.
    Thanks for your sympathy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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