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    Hi there, again

    I’m still experiencing some anoying issues with this theme (on my site:

    1. IMAGES ARE SHOWING MISSPLACED (see pictures attached). In the listings, pictures are showing a negative padding, hidding the comments top (WRONG at aquieco_fotos01 and RIGHT aquieco_fotos01b) and same in the map, when i use the category widget (WRONG at aquieco_mapa01 and RIGHT at aquieco_mapa01b).

    2. TRANSLATION – I can’t find some of the english words on the LOCO TRANSLATE TOOLS (“amenities”, “near by”, the “I agree with the Privacy Policy” on the suscription widget on the footer, chat system, stars rating system and some others), or the theme is not taking some of the translations from it, so I have to find them on the php/inc files (and I can’t find some of them).

    3. RATING SYSTEM – Is not working properly (firefox and explorer are showing the stars but not allowing to clic on them) and if you choose not to rate, the system is automatically asuming that you are rating with 0 stars, decreasing the final total rating.

    4. USER REGISTRATION IS NOW UNAVAILABLE – I don’t know why but it was working properly until last updates (i don’t know exactly in which one stopped working but now it’s not and I didn’t make any change).


    In the SEARCH BY CATEGORY option, would be nice to be able to choose the order in which we want categories appear. Some of them can be more important than others.

    On the mobile version, would be nice to choose the listing structure or, at least, move comments to the bottom. It’s not functional to have the ubication/contact details and the working hours under the comments.

    I think that’s all for now.

    Best regards and thank you in advance for your reply

    Carlos Cazurro

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    1 – I can’t find the listing page to check. So please send it

    2 – Check this documentation section:’t-find-translation-texts
    Do it on both CityBook theme and CityBook Add-Ons plugin.

    3 – We will check it and fix soon.

    4 – Please make sure that user registration is allowed under WordPress Settings screen.
    And thank you for the category order suggestion. We will check it.





    Hello cazurro, I visited your mebsite realised you solve d one of the major problems presently facing I’ve tried contacting the admin he is not responding to my ticket. It concerns the listing appearance on your homepage How do you make the event date to appear on the listing

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    Hi, Kilzako

    Indeed it’s a problem, I do it manually using the EXTRACT field at the end of the listing add/edit form:

    <center><b>6 al 14 de mayo</b> · 15:30 a 20:30h.<br />CIFP ‘Viñalta, Palencia</center>

    Hope I helped and sorry if i didn’t see your message before. 🙁

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