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    Support Expired

    Hi there,

    I have 2 queries:

    1. On the following URL: URL:
    a) I would like the page to appear in the window frame. Currently the featured image is too small (you need to scroll to view it all, but you can’t see the whole picture on the computer at once).
    b) It also seems like the content (text + image) are partially cut. Is there a way to make this more centered, by perhaps adding some padding all around the content of the page?

    2. On this URL: URL:
    a) My portfolio/gallery, I would like to remove the white space on the left handside; it doesn’t seem like I can do this with page builder…
    b) It also seems like the screen where the portfolio images appear is squished/trimmed at the top. Any way to fix that as well so that the image is not cut?



    Alma Viki



    I have checked on your site and saw the issues.
    But it’s customize issues, we are so sorry you have many custom we can’t respond. You should research more about HTML code or we will try to focus php code and you backup to edit.
    We have many ticket for day, I’m afraid that the overloading makes us can’t remember any customize we did for you.
    I’m not afraid to teach you anything custom, I’m just afraid to don’t remember what has done for you.
    So I advise you to research more about the customizations we’ve provided. It will benefit you a lot.

    And your questions:
    1. You are using Template: No style – Build With VC, you should try to add padding/margin, width for section.. I can’t control this issues for you.
    2. On this page, the Left Blank is content of Portfolio, if you want to remove it, you can remove in on php code.
    Go to themes/inshot template-parts/portfolio-single/style-grid.php

    Thanks for your sympathy.



    Support Expired

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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