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    Support Expired

    I’ve tried installing this template using the Quickstart setup about 12 times now on 2 separate servers and I keep running into multiple issues. First server is an iWeb dedicated server, second was a deluxe GoDaddy hosting account. I’ve installed Joomla templates on both many times with no problem but for some reason this template produces the same issues on both.

    1. News/Blog: It appears any K2 item listing pages are broken and don’t show a header or footer outside of a broken sidebar. The error appearing in the sidebar is “Class ‘CTHImageOptimizerHelper’ not found”. Screenshot attached.

    2. No sidebars will show up on the News or Portfolio links or their item pages (both K2 I believe). Screenshot attached.

    3. Attempting to get a sidebar working on the 3 Col w/ Sidebar page, I find making changes to “Layout options for multiple category selection” is impossible. Regardless of what I select, when I hit save it reverts back to ‘Default’.

    Question: Is it possible to have the ‘Latest Projects’ section pull multiple or child categories as well or can that only pull a single category?

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