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    i am testing out your website again i would like the offer for you to align my logo to the right please and my menu underneath like example. also can you tell me where i can change the colour of the menu items i need it to be blue with the drop menu light blue so it is a block colour and rounded corners, (example attached)

    also how do i style the footer text and colour background? and side bar menu items?
    how do i add a side menu to selected pages and NOT to the homepage?

    is pagebuilder layouts viewable on internet explorer 8,9 and 10? and android? Can page builder be used on existing pages?

    finally can i embedd twitter feed on the footer and where can i see a list of the website shortcodes if i am not using pagebuilder?

    many thanks and hope it works out, this time

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    Hello, i have edit logo for you but why did you not install our Quickstart package?
    we build all demo content, if you install quickstart package, you only have to replace our text, image… with your content.

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