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    I’m having the following problems:

    1. In the blog archive, when clicking the title of a blog post to visit the page, the link doesn’t work, the active link is: …/blog/#0 so it does nothing. How can I fix this?

    When clicking the READ MORE link of the blog post it does work properly, but of course, I need the title to work too.

    2. The URL of my blog archive is now I don’t know why it’s adding the /index.php/ since I wrote only “blog” in the slug name section of the page

    3. In the blog archive, I also need to make the image of each blog post clickable so it also takes to you the blog post.

    4. Now inside each blog post, I need to remove the author’s name, and the date, how can i do this?

    5. Below the blog post, I checked the option to not allow comments, but that space stills there with the lines. SEE IN THE FOLLOWING LINK:

    6. Also, I need to remove the blog post date in the URL of all blog posts since this is not good for SEO. How could I do that?

    7. The SHARE ON FACEBOOK feature from the blog posts its not working, whenever i try to do it a message says WORPRESS ERROR. Same happen with the share ON LINKEDIN button. You can see in the following link:

    I need to solve these issues as soon as possible, please.

    Thank you in advance!



    1,2,6 – Edit permalinks setting like this:

    2 – If the first solution doesn’t work check this guide:

    3 – you are currently custom page with elementor element for blog. Assign blog page to Posts page option instead:

    4 – Check Appearance -> Customize -> Blog Options panel

    5 – I don’t understand your question

    7 – Add open graph image using seo plugin:




    Great, thanks for the help, most of its fixed now 🙂

    But, now that i selected BLOG in here: i can’t use the previous layout that i had, which was 2 columns to see the blog posts archive. Is it possible to show it that way? I can’t find how to do that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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