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    Support Expired

    Hi Support,

    Greetings, I have 2 requirements.

    1) When i click on menu button features. It does not take to to the exact location.
    Refer attachment screenshot – 1) Scroll to Features Section – Needs Fix.png

    2) When i click on the menu button – How it Works – It does not take me to the exact location . & in the backed the section title does not appear. Could you please check it out.
    Refer attachment screenshot – 2) 2) How it Works – Title does not Appear & Scrool needs to be fixed..png
    & 3) Section Title Does not Appear – How Virtuosi Analytics Works.png

    The other menu items work just fine (e.g the screenshots, contact form etc)

    I have attached the screenshots for your reference.


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    Support Expired
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    1, it was fixed with this custom style:

    2, set a margin top value for accordion column
    You can also set padding, margin top for row element to make it display correctly

    3, the section title doesn’t work with Description section layout. Please use other.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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