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    Support Expired

    Hello, thank you for Envor, you have done a great template!

    I have 3 questions:

    1. How can I add popup modal windows at the touch of a button? I used information from:
    Forum Link and adding your code through Azura, but a modal window creates an empty area. This can be seen in the image below:
    I will approach the appearance of a variant over the entire contents of the site or the appearance of a particular area. The first option is preferable.
    It looks like in the Azura:
    By the way, an error at the bottom?

    2. When I click on the elements of the “Latest Work” and others from K2 for a preview on my phone they are disclosed to a larger size than the size of the screen:
    Mobile phone: Iphone 5.
    Browser: Opera Coast, and others have a similar problem.
    How can I do this responsively?

    3. I did not immediately drew attention to the Updates folder and began to edit the template. Version Envor, that is created by the latest Quick Setup or it needs to be updated in this folder? If it want to upgrade there is a chance that deleted my changes? I did not change the structure, I only aded localization and a few modules.

    Sorry for the mistakes in the text, it is from Google Translate.

    Thank You!

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