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    Support Expired

    Hello friends

    First of all , thank you for the support and help given on a previous occasion , I was very useful and I thank them for it

    I want please indicate me I should do.

    It turns out that when I access my website from my mobile phone or tablet unfolded view ( expanded) menu prevents me correct visualization of the site, must return to press your finger on the three horizontal lines indicating that this is the menu for this is collected ( collapse ) .

    On the other hand, when I view my page from a slightly larger Medium tablet or , the menu is not me how the iconic button but the three horizontal lines , shown as in the screen of the laptop or desktop

    Anything else, I have an image inserted using the component azura page builder in the NOSOTROS section, in the element A TEXT – Nosotros , using this code:

    < div > < img src = "images / us / enlacelaborintos.png " alt = " enlacelaborintos " style = "display : block; margin-left : auto; margin-right : auto; " / > < / div >

    the problem is that it does not meet the responsive techniques and when observed from my mobile phone , the image is out of the scope of my mobile device

    Please could help me with these three issues





    I have sent you the answer to you email.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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