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    I can’t believe how complicated this template is.

    I’m trying to set up a portfolio of my work and am editing the existing template items rather than create new items to try and simplify the process.

    The menu items are confusing me enormously – there are no less than 48 menu items in the backend, across 4 menus for what would appear to be only 7 menu items on the frontend!

    I have created the portfolio items on the front page under the “work” section and they correctly link to the respective K2 item.

    However the “Portfolio” menu on the K2Item page does not link back to the front page … the menu link becomes: http://mydomain.com/index.php/my-work/item/114-safehouse#portfolio

    On your demo the menu link is: http://demo.cththemes.com/revera/#work and it correctly links back to the front page.

    The menu item is set as an “External URL” set to #portfolio and I have correctly set the Section ID in the Azura Page element.

    It works fine when I select the “Portfolio” menu item from the home page but not from the K2Item page.

    Can you explain how to set this up correctly.

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