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    Support Expired

    Dear Support,

    I am experiencing the following problem:
    When I load every page, no matter the weight of the page, I experience a 8/10 seconds time of waiting.
    It happens even on the 404 page.
    During this time, I cannot see the loading gif of the theme, I just see a blank gray page.
    After 8/10 seconds, content appears.

    I cannot refer this problem to hosting, as the backend is super fast.
    It is just a frontend problem.

    This is the website url:

    This is a 404 page:

    Do you have any suggestion about this issue?

    Many thanks,

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    Hi, please follow this tutorial to speedup your site:

    Hope this help.



    Support Expired

    Hi to you,

    i’d like to thank you for your help but right now i don’t really understand if you’re kidding me or what. I’m a 10 year web developer and designer and I do this for job. Do You really think I need a Gmetrix guide to solve site problems?

    As explained on my first post, this issue occurs on every page, even on a 404. 10 seconds of grey screen. No loading animation. Nothing. So please, just open the website URL and try. If you don’t do this you cannot understand what’s going on and I’m just loosing my time on this page support.

    I think that is not (only) a problem of image weight but something is wrong with codes.

    I’m not usually so rude but it’s the second time you answer so clumsy to my post. As costumer and professional I don’t deserve it.

    Thank You



    I am sorry, but GTmetrix can’t check your site ( ) which doesn’t happen with our demo page :



    Support Expired

    I really don’t understand what kind of support gtmetrix should give and why You are not helping me in this way since Cththemes sold up it to me. About your answer, I think that is quite normal that on a demo side everything runs well (otherwise how could you pretend to sell something if it doesn’t work?!).

    Finally, Cth support don’t give me any kind of support to solve a huge problem as 8-10 second wait to load a 404error page for a theme sold up by Cththeme, correct?



    Ok, please active default wordpress theme and use this link to test your site:
    If there is still error ( ) send me your wp-admin + ftp accounts to help.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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