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    img 1 & 2 i need to use white as background color for header. few things color fixed but few are not.
    Please advice which section color should be changed for

    1. cart bag
    2. sign in
    3. login in hover effect

    you did not reply the questions. For q2, the screenshot u shown actually got price here, so why it did not show up in map?

    4. in submit listing, there are 2 questions:
    (a) i copied and pasted the address from google map. But when i place it back to the field as attached. it cannot detect the address and link to google map. i find that it shows in chinese for some character. what should change in setting?

    (b) failed to sumbit the listing even i select the category

    5. there are many places that when i click into it, it just goes back to homepage rather link to the page as it stated. eg.

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    Please use this guide to get your custom css code by yourself:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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