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    Support Expired

    Hi there again,

    back after some holidays onto my site and trying to go beyond the demo content.

    I just don’t get the concept of “portfolios” and page content in the inshot theme.

    In the demot there are several different “portfolios” which are different groups of “related” images.

    So far, so good.

    Now if I look for example on page “Portfolio Carousel” I do see content of type “cth Portfolios Carousel”. If I open the edit form of this content I do see the text/links that appears on the left side at the beginning on the page, but I do not see anything about what portfolio to display.

    What I do see is to insert IDs of which portfolios NOT to display, left blank.

    So first off, I think it is strange concept to deselct content from to be shown rather than adding it

    Anyhow, given the images in the FE view I do not find any single portfolio matching this combination in number and items, so that I do not know where the images are taken from.

    As there is no ID inserted in the “exclusion” field one should suppose he will then see all, but that is not the case, not even with a higher number than 10

    To make a long story short, I have no clue at all how to tell inshot to show MY uploaded photos brought into a fresh portfolio, and I also don’t see any tut on how and where and why

    Sorry, maybe it’s just me, but coming from another very popular theme, I just don’t get the concept

    It would be much easier, if I would have X portfolios, I could set up respective sites and ADD each to it’s side

    in my case, I would like to have topics in the menu as sports / politics / portraits…and then set up for each of these pages/menu items respective portfolios

    Thanks in front, best regards



    Hi, you have to enable WP Backerry Page builder for portfolio post type: http://documentation.cththemes.com/inshot/assets/images/image_5_7_1.png
    then you can edit it visually. Read theme documentation for more details: http://documentation.cththemes.com/inshot/#!/portfolio-settings




    Support Expired

    Thank you,

    I have now seen this reply.

    In the meantime I figured it out for myself, what is shown in the “first level” pages is just the covers of the different portfolios.

    I have already started to customize my theme, but still I don’t see anything happen when I change the number at Appearance – Customize – Portfolio Options – General – Portfolio Columns….

    What I would basically need is something like what we have at PORTFOLIO > FULLWIDTH but with Gallery Masonry instead of Portfolios Masonry and I would like to change the column number to 6 or 7, to start with, and also like to have the option to place title/caption etc UNDER the thumbs etc but can’t see at any point in the source code where this selector comes from nor where I could change the numbers

    I don’t know for what reason you have chosen this approach to give two very similar things such different options when they should be basically the same, one pulling the feature images out of the portfolios and the other one just gallery images

    Also I figured out that in the grid layouts with the left sidebar simply dont work when looked at with an iPhone for example as the content hides completely behind that “bar”, so there is a “bug” and I don’t think this portfolio can be considered fully responsive as it dies not respond in ANY case to the device

    I still like this template very much and got a lot of very positive feedback, but I think it could/should be a bit better documented, like a template hirarchy for those willing to do some child theme work. so keep up the good work. thanks



    1 – those options are for portfolio archive page only. Ex: website.com/portfolio/ or website.com/portfolio_cat/portfolio-category-slug so for PORTFOLIO FULLWIDTH page you have to change it from page settings.

    2 – And for the responsive error please send the me link to check. Then will send you a fix.




    Support Expired

    exactly, right now there is no such template for portfolios to have the images shown as in the fullwidth example and that is exactly my problem.

    I need a “tearsheet page” where i have some 50 or more images, so a slider would be a pain in the ass and the best way to show this is a grid, but full width, without any content nor to it’s left nor right etc

    right now this option exists only to show the feature images of the various portfolios, but you can imagine that they way to create for each of these tearsheets an extra portfolio is not the way to go, nor is it “elegant” to work that way nor is it comfortable etc

    now I wonder, as all I require already exists within the inshot portfolio, just not for the the portfolio images itself if not only for the feature images, it should be easy to customize the child them that way.

    If I would just see where you do the actual query and tell them to look for these “feature images” rather then actual “content” images it could be easily duplicated and modified

    also I dont see any option to have more than 5 columns for the actual grid layouts you offer for the portfolios content, meanwhile you do offer up to 12 for the features

    so instead of re-utilizing code you already had it looks to me like you have reinvented the wheel for the content images or vice versa for no reason as far as I see

    also, when I go to Appearance > Customize > Portfolio Options > General > Portfolio Columns no matter what I choose there I don’t see any change at all in none of the demo content pages so I wonder for what that is good for

    It would then act as an default value if it were not that way that there is already an default setting up such content

    so, I am confused somehow. I stopped web development like 7 years ago and then have never worked actually with WP those days back but with typo3

    so I am not up to date but confident I still remember enough to make such hacks myself if I am put on the right track

    thanks for your patience



    Support Expired
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    1 – try add the code bellow to theme file: http://prntscr.com/ho66pi

    $at_img = get_post($img_id);
    <div class="thumb-info">
        <h3><?php echo $at_img->post_title ;?></h3>
        <?php echo $at_img->post_content ;?>

    2 – add this style to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS field

    .single-portfolio .content.vis-column-det {
       padding-left: 0;
    .single-portfolio .content.vis-column-det .fix-pr-det{
       position: static;
       width: 100%;

    Hope this help.



    Support Expired


    thanks a lot for the fast reply and fix, as you can see it did the job “so far”

    Now, I myself have a little problem with the fact that instead of having an URL http://www.example.com/tearsheets/ I do have it like http://www.example.com/portfolio/tearsheets

    I think this is somehow ugly and if I would still do client work I most likely would not have accepted this solution for them even though they might not have cared as it does not reflect nor the site structure/hierarchy nor the fact that the tearsheets have nothing to do with any “portfolio”

    right now I don’t knwo WP enough to know if there is some “hack” to have the URL “toplevel” like even though it’s under portfolio right now

    I’ll be back with the rest of the earlier questions to a later point
    so far many thanks, awesome support



    Hi, you can use this tutorial to remove the portfolio text:





    Support Expired

    Thanks a lot, was on my way home for christmas, could not get back to it beofre and will dig into this asap…

    very best regrads !!



    It’s ok.
    Merry christmas



    Support Expired

    Thanks, for you too.

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