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    Thanks for your response, finally something that worked.
    I’ll ask you some questions answer according to the number, as clear as possible please, I can not work with your subject as it should be.

    1. the old site was damaged, I have many publications of hotels, shops etc. there. But all that data I would like to migrate to a new site that I am doing, there is a way to do that. Next image is a reference.

    2. I want to create categories in various styles, for example, the map goes to the left side, then right, then another category without a map. something similar asi.http: // if you realize those the maps of this aside and here the map is up, As well as the other pages that come by default I would like to make categories to put them in the navigation menu. All the categories that I put in the menu have the same style and I want to put several styles to the categories , styles I mean the map on the left or right side, another category without maps.

    3. The issue about leaving the text of plans I want to put margins of css, but I’m working under a child.tu theme do you think that at the time of the updates lose the css changes you make? you suggest

    4. How to put the third plan as the most sold, so look:

    5. I do not get the search point as well as your site, I mean this. your website and my website does not have that

    6. I want the search to be general and not in only one category.

    7. I am removing many things from your theme for example this, http: // If later update the theme that is shown again?

    8. You can make a login to wordpress or a registration with facebook.

    I really hope you can help me with that, I am very confused, answer me the most clear please to understand it because the subject is very confusing there are many things that do not even know what they are for.



    1 – You can export your listing posts from the older site then import it to new site. Read more details at:
    2 – It’s currently not possible. There was only global option for listing archive / category pages.
    3 – Your css code in child theme will not override by updates unless you update child theme too
    4 – Edit the Membership Plans element then select the plan
    5 – Use location input element:
    6 – I don’t understand your question well
    7 – No, your content will be safe. Also modified code from theme/plugin files will be override.
    8 – Yes, just install and config this plugin: WP Facebook Login for WordPress




    gentleman sorry but I’ll ask other questions some were not clear and others are new.

    1. You mention that it is not possible to change the design for the categories. Those pages that come by default I can use it to publish ads in a list I mean this how should I do it?

    2. Please be clearer how to put plan 3 as a favorite plan

    3. I could explain Question 3 a little better please. Since, in fact, if you update your topic it is obvious that I have to update myself too.

    4. Question 6 was:
    The searches that are done there is for all categories or only focuses on this selected category or in all the categories that I will list because here is in fitness.

    5. I can select any category here, by default this is selected in fitnes.pero fitnes does not mark this option that you sent, it only shows in the default listing type and not in the others that come by default I mean this https: //

    6. I want to install security plugins on my website because before it was breached, there is no problem with compatibility, right?
    will install WPS Hide Login, All In One WP Security & Firewall and Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

    7. The publications I do are not shown here

    8. I want these forms to work for when the person subscribes, what do I do?

    9. How do I make this type of publication and as I told you these categories I want to put them in the navigation menu as mentioned in question 1, you can put on a page those categories?

    10. What is this used for? Only I will publish ads and not other people and there will be no records of others.

    11. What’s the point, I’ll only publish ads or is it from

    12. Based on question one, you think there is a problem or virus when exporting the publications since my website has been violated before. I am afraid that the database is infected, is there no other way to do it that is safer?

    I hope that you can help me with these questions with the most clear answers and with images to be able to understand it since there is no clear documentation. Thank you.



    1 – It’s custom listing pages ( using Listings Grid ) element. So if you can use it to create your listing category pages

    2 –

    3 – No.

    4 – It will search for all listing type.

    5 – I don’t understand it well. If you want location selection you can use All Location element instead of Location Input

    6 – Yes, you can install it. If there is any problem, let me know.

    7 – Edit the Posts Grid element with correct option value.

    8 – Add your mailchimp api and list id to Settings -> CityBook Add-Ons -> Widgets tab

    9 – Just assign them to a category:

    10 – It’s used for listing author submit their listing on your site ( from front-end ). If you are only one can submit listing:
    disable all these options:
    Don’t need to have pricing table page – with Membership Plans element
    Read more info about author membership at:

    11 – Do you want to remove all menu items?

    12 – No virus be exported. But you have to do full backup your site before importing.




    Sir, unfortunately some answers are not clear I have to reformulate some questions and also other questions, please explain it with images so that I can be clear.

    1. I have updated the theme to version 2.1.4 but the changes you mention here are not shown.https: // for example mine is this way when I see that the change is this×503.png I mention you I’m working on a child theme

    2. Sir I want to make a page like you are from scratch to place my listings there. You say that the categories can not be given that design.

    3. At the time I give you click there it does not fill automatically like yours. I want it to be like your page

    4. I have deactivated the member button but on this you should improve it

    5. Lord as an achievement that the latest publications are appearing here, explain it better please. my publication is this but it is not shown

    6. What is this used for? if you say any type of listing search in a general way and not just one. I do not know what type of listing to use there

    7. As I improve this, it seems that the cuandros do not support many lines of code

    8. I want to establish these maps to my location as I do?

    9. How or from where do I post this?

    10. It is possible to make a page to put it in the navigation menu and grab all the listings and not just one category.

    Please I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable but I have a lot of doubts. I thank you for your response.



    1 – Please make sure that CityBook Add-Ons plugin is also updated. Then delete browser cache

    2 – Create new page then add Listings Grid element -> select your category to get listings from:

    3 – Edit your default listing type post then use Location Input element for the field:

    4 – Don’t understand what you mean?

    5 – Edit the element with correct options:

    6 – Read more details here:

    7 – Try using margin top value:

    8 – Edit the map element to enter your coordinates value:

    9. – You have to check this documentation selection to know how using Elementor page builder.

    10 – just use Listings Grid element with category field empty and posts per page value is -1




    Thanks alguas answers if they worked, but others no.I have to reformulate the question

    1. Sir I just updated the theme and all the translations have returned to original mode. so on, I just tell you that my entire website was again English from what was previously Spanish.

    2. I’m trying to create a page to make lists from scratch of a single category. I’m following the steps you mention, but as a result I get this. Is any structure used here? you will have some video of that please.

    3. I am following the steps you mention and this is activated, but it is not automatically filled

    4. How to make it only in the yellow line and not too crowed

    5. Lord I still do not operate the latest publications. This is my page so and according to the image you sent my image is this

    6. sir for that they serve that I do not know what to use here.https: //



    1 –
    2 – The listing grid page must have unique layout so I think the best way is duplicate the working one then modify with your parameter.
    3 – The address is automatically added if user has already click to get their current location. And your site must be https
    4 – use this custom style

    .header-user-menu ul {
       left: -100px;

    5 – because your posts has different ids:
    You can leave it empty to get three latest posts.

    6 – From version 2.0, each listings will be assigned to a listing type. Which used to controls submit fields and single listing layout using element builder on listing type post -> Single tab -> Listing sub-tab
    If your listing doesn’t assign to any listing type default listing type is used. The default type is also used to layout hero/header search form and listings grid filter form ( Filter tab -> Filter Listing/Filter Hero section/Filter Header )

    Hope you understand.




    thanks for answering
    1. I have the subject with the language “SPANISH MEXICO” that should be done to avoid that the translations are eliminated. Before here It is limited in CityBook Add-Ons and CityBook Child Now I have What to recreate or tell me what I should do?

    2. I did not understand the answer
    3. Does not need to install some plugin?
    4. I did not understand the answer to question 6



    1 – Follow these doc:

    Don’t forget save to translation to System folder ( not in theme/plugins folder )

    2 – Modify our demo page instead of creating new one.

    3 – You need to active https on your site: ask host provider for help

    4 – each listing will be assigned to one listing type. and use configurations on the listing type to showing submit/edit listing page, also how single listing page are layout.




    1- What should I do to avoid having the translations erased, read the documentation that you sent but lost the translation again in update to 2.1.5

    2. Please tell me how I create a page to add there categories, I want to do this to put seo.

    3- Your theme is optimized for seo?



    1 – Send me your site address + wp-admin account to check. I have no users with this problem

    2 – Don’t understand you well

    3 – Yes, it’s optimized for seo. But it’s good to use seo plugin to improve SEO ranking




    I have it on localhost and with this question I want to finish it for the moment

    1. question 2 was:
    How do I create pages like this. but from scratch, because each category I want to put it there. I have planned to put good seo to each page.

    Thanks for your answer



    – Show listing categories panel on Appearance -> Menus -> Screen Options:
    – Select category to add to menus:
    —> Each category menu added to Listings parent menu will display listings attached to that category.




    Dear friend has misunderstood my question.
    My question is:

    1. How to make pages from scratch as you are

    I want to make pages like those but from scratch, I want to optimize it for seo. Can you make some video or explain it in a very detailed way please.



    Check this




    friend that url does not exist shows me 404



    Open the link on chrome:




    Thank you for your video of what was lost I am more clear, but nevertheless it does not adjust completely although I followed all the steps is a small space look at the images, besides that I have the error with google maps. here on your page set everything




    Sincerely I do not know how your topics are made the pages that come by default adjust more than those that I create from scratch for my seo, the truth is not how your web is made. Your default page is more adjusted / nq3fox and now this is the one I’m creating from scratch even though I gave it all the page



    I need your site address to check.

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