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    Hey Supporteam,

    I don’t find a solution for this in the forum, so I have to ask.

    I need the solution, that after a submit of a new listing the edit page should open in a new window. How can I do this?

    Another question: In the listing tags of the listings I have a predefined list (Contemporary Fine Arts,Graffiti / Writing,Street Art,Skulptur/ Installation,Film,Performance) and the submit authors know, that they only use these. You suggest to use the listing tag(new) in the AZP builder so the listing tags could use to show these information from there at the single listing page. At the submit page I can write in the field, but nothing happened after. When I look at the backend, the field in the new created single listing is still empty. what I have to do to solve this?

    the next questions is about realtionships. let me explain what I will do:

    I have different listing types -> Artists, Events, Places, Impressions. So I created 4 different listingtypes.
    The Artist listing type create with the speakers/trainer field a new person. Works fine, and I customize by myself how it should looks like (I have modified the member.php). By the way: I uss the childteam, but the “template-parts” folder is not working, only the azp_templates folder.
    But, In my mind, the new people from the speakers/trainer field are members. But they are only listings. How I can set these new people in the post type “members”. (They should not modify anything in front or backend, the should only be a part of shown post type which I can use to connect with single listing page).

    Why I will do this? I will set different relationship (with jetengine -> see attachment). On the submit page should be a field for the relationship and the submit author can write in (like the tag field) when a place, an artist or an Event connected with a relationship is connected. On a single listing page for the different types the connected field should be also be see, so that a visitor as example have the information at a single page for a place, which program and which artist will be there. Can I do this with a select type field from the AZP builder? And if yes, how can I set the relationship in? When it’s not working with jetengine, can it be solved with ACF pro and ACF-Post-2-Post? In Elementor is it easy, there are the widgets for, but in your used version of Visual Composer is no option for it.

    And by the way is the a way to get more advanced options from the visual composer? I have tried to modify the cth_for_vc.php to switch of your “Force Visual Composer to initialize as “built into the theme”.”but nothing happend.

    And at least. In the AZP builder I connect at the general tab my listing type “event” from none to rooms. At the field tab I have created some fields for basic informations I absolutely need because under the rooms tab we don’t get all possible fields. At the rooms tab I created the informations for the event. All fine.
    At the “Single tab” I created a style for the single listing and put rooms in. At the second rooms tab I created the style for the room. After a test submit I found a listing type “test room” under listings and a new event under “rooms”. Why I have 2 listings?
    And when I look at the single page for the event the event (room) is not showing.. 🙁


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