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    Hi there,

    I’ve been struggling understanding how the booking system works on citybook. I am setting up my website so that regular users can request for bookings from listing authors, then listing author can contact them back to confirm. I DO NOT WANT USER TO PAY TO CONFIRM BOOKING. Listing author must block/unblock available calendar dates at their own discretion.

    Problem is I am struggling to wrap my head around how to set up some of the booking widgets like you do on your demo site, in some cases, I select a booking date and room/package and I click on Book button then it says message sent to author. And I also get an email as a regular user about my booking request.

    I would like to do this for all 3 your booking calendar types but always sending me to Payto the cart or booking package or selected booking date doesnt select, which is all very confusing. I’m unable to set up a basic bookable listing that works.

    Is there any way you could give us a demo login to the backend of the citybook demo to check out how you set the settings in the Listing Types Builder?

    Basically, my three booking calendar types I need is:
    – Variable Booking [User can select single day, or choose From and To date]
    – Time Slots Listing [User can select a day, and a time slot on that day]
    – Single Date and Time [Like the Variable Booking, but limited to a TIME]

    Listing authors will be able to choose from these Listing Types and then create bookable packages from there, where regular users can request to Book a package or service.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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