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    Aron Verhoeven


    Hi Support,

    As you maybe know, I have setup my own external paypment pages: It’s working all fine, except the proces of adding more listings.

    I will shortly explain the proces: When an user would like to submit an listing, he must register, login and press the button in the right corner ‘ADD LISTING’. He will be redirected to the page ‘Pricing Tables’. All my Listing Packages consists off one (1) Listing they can submit, and are for “free” (in the backend) so that they will be redirected directly to the submit page after they hit the button ‘Choose’ ( ! So I have activated ‘Active free subscription automatically, so user can submit listings then’.

    There they can submit their listing, and when they hit ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the Submit Listing page, they will be redirected to my external payment pages. Those pages depends on the ID of the Listing Packages. There they can fix the payment, and they will be redirected back to an self-created Thankyou Page.

    But, (here it comes 😉 ), when they have submitted their listing and it is accepted by me and they would like to submit an new listing, whichever Listing Packages they want, they are not send to the submit listing page anymore and an new invoice is send, each time they click on one of the three ‘Choose..’-buttons But they can’t reach the submit listing page.

    QUESTION: Is there an way I can deactivate the subscription proces, but send an invoice when they have submit their listing by pressing ‘Save Changes’ ( So that the ‘Choose..’-buttons ( do not have any function, except reffer them to the right submit listing page for the specific Listing Type they choose?

    Can you please think along with me? Any advice? I’m willing to pay a fee for this. Means a lot to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,

    Aron Verhoeven

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