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    Dear friend, I bought the subject I tried to use it at the beginning but for reasons of time I left it, now I see that my support time is going to end as I would to learn all the options since the subject is very complex. I am seeing my tickets that I wrote in the support forum and they are not there. As I could see all the tickets I sent you, I even remember that you sent me a link with a video on how to customize the categories, but I can’t find it.

    once the support expires I can still ask here.



    Hello, would you give me more details about the problem? Some screenshots will be very helpful.




    Hello sir, after some time asking again, I thought you had made some changes, I mattered again and I continue in the same way as it was in the beginning, here my questions. Before asking you the questions I would like to know when a support expires, the questions I ask here are deleted, the truth is that the topic is not very elaborate and my questions are here in the chat.
    Now here I leave you my questions just yesterday yesterday I started working on the project locally.

    1. In what way can the topic be updated, there is no option to update.

    2. Once the support expires, the questions asked are deleted, I have not made any backup, I hope you can improve your theme.

    3. This here as I solve it, I put the coordinates as it says in the documentation and I get that, is it because it is in a local domain?

    4. Where do I translate that?

    5. Those searches there apply to all categories.

    6. For this option

    7. Of those marked plugins could you explain if everyone is recommended to have it, because my site is slow, I think that on your page it says that some are not, but the information on the page is from version 2.1.8 but not from the current one
    Tell me which one is not important to deactivate




    1 -> enable Auto Update feature from Appearance -> Customize -> General panel.

    2 – Once the support expires, the questions asked are deleted, I have not made any backup, I hope you can improve your theme.

    –> Open questions will not be deleted. But you can submit new one or reply.

    3 – You have to get correct google map api key with required services enabled
    You also need setup billing for your api key

    4 -> From CityBook Add-Ons plugin text:

    5 – I don’t understand your question

    6 – The menu screen will list all AD campaigns opened by author from front-end dashboard. Check Add Campaign menu on dashboard.

    7 – CityBook Import Add-Ons is not needed. You also need install cache plugin to improve your page speed. check this guide:




    Lord again over here, here my questions

    1. The updates of the subject proceed only with having enabled this option? I mention that I do not have the envato plugin installed, because my page would be overloaded with files, it is very slow.

    2. If at most we are two people who are going to publish ads, is it necessary to have that button active and in the case not be where I deactivate it?

    3. For google maps, I don’t have google maps api, in what way can I use it if I pay and have that envelope message removed over

    4. You will have a truly updated documentation. since your theme is in version 2.2.7 and on your page 2.1.8 is shown. The truth is that it confuses me a lot since there are things that are not there.

    5. Where I translate that from.

    6. Because when I modify here this is not modified.http: //

    7. I can work under those lists and make sure everything goes well.

    8. How do I add categories there?

    9. What is the difference this with this I think that from both you can publish I would like you to tell me about the details of each one of them please .

    10. It is necessary to have woocommerce installed on my page in which cases could you help me or so that it is mainly focused

    11. In question 7 that you tell me that no import complements are needed, is that the one I should remove



    1,2 – I don’t understand your question well. So what do you want?

    3 – So you have to use Open Street Map version ( option from Settings -> CityBook Add-Ons -> Google Map tab )

    4 – YES

    5 – The most text are from your listing/ad posts and the other are from CityBook Add-Ons plugin string ( )

    6 – You have to edit the form on selected listing type post -> Filter tab -> Filter Header sub-tab:

    7 – They are custom listings page. And I think you need duplicate page to edit.

    8 – Add new category on CityBook Listings menu -> Listing Categories sub-menu
    Then edit your Listing Type post to select available categories to select on Fields tab -> Category element:

    9 – Each Listing Type post can have different submit form field ( Fields tab -> Listing sub-tab )

    10 – Woocommerce plugin is not required. You can deactive it.

    11- YES, the plugin is needed when you want import listings from csv file ( exported from excel or older site )

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